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Let the true brightness of your oriental rug add to the beauty of your home!

While your precious oriental rug complements the elegance of your home, it also becomes home to dust, dirt and grit. The abuse could cause deterioration in your rug if left unattended for long. Annual cleaning prolongs the life of your investment.

At Khalil's Oriental Rug Workshop, gentle care and restoration of precious antique and dhurrie rugs has been a delicate family craft for generations. Our specialists inspect each rug for stains or weak areas and treat the problems accordingly with extra care and precision.

Specialized hand cleaning

Oriental rugs should not be cleaned by regular carpet cleaners because these rugs are made of natural wool. Any kind of synthetic material or chemicals could damage the rug forever. Also, because of the variety of the dyes used on oriental rugs only an expert would know how to treat each rug appropriately to protect its colors.


Old & antiques restoration

Khalil is one of the very few experts in the art of restoring damaged oriental rugs in the entire United States. His expertise and reputation is well established among his peers, and because of his mastery in this rare art form, Khalil receives rugs from all over the country to restore. His meticulous work, attention to details and expertise in hand-dying precious rugs is to the extent that the restored area is not discernible.


Pet odor and stain removal

Khalil, also, specializes in the cleaning and removing of yellow pet stains, as well as urine and pet odors, that are often considered not removable.


Moths are the most common enemy of oriental rugs and can cause severe damage if your rug is not treated. The minimal cost of moth-proofing can save hundreds in repairs.


In case of any misfortunes, accidents, or any major damage done to your rug, insurance companies cannot reimburse the true value of your property without an appraisal! So secure your investment by having your rug appraised right away.


Reweaving is an art form in the restoration of handmade oriental rugs. Done correctly and at the hands of a Master Weaver, you should not be able to see the rewoven area regardless of the size of the damage.

Starting with the proper foundation strings we build the base where the knots will be woven to Before the restoration begins, we dye the new yarns to match the precise colors of the section needing repair if we cannot find the exact match in stock. Once the weaving is completed and the final touches are applied the damaged part will be all but gone. You will be totally happy with the result, we promise you that.

Padding (underlay)

We carry the correct type of padding for oriental rugs that are placed on any hard surface such as hardwood, tile or various stones, as well as paddings for rugs placed on carpeting.